Art Play The Unique Alley of the Arts

All children have the seeds of art planted inside their hearts.
For some, these seeds have already begun to sprout, while for others,
they have not yet emerged.
Discover and cultivate your child’s innate artistic talents at
“The Unique Alley of the Arts”.

The Art Play exhibit, designed to foster the artistic sensitivities and emotional development of your child,
is combined with Space Play under the theme “The Strange Art Street.”
The unusual and exciting experiences offered through this exhibit enable children to discover the true joy of art and become immersed in play, using their creative sense of curiosity to break free of thought-restricting barriers.

Through creative expression, exploration, and unconventional activities—such as Unique Soup House, Dream Carriage, and Art Play Shop—that focus on observation and sharing, children can enhance their artistic sensitivities in a variety of fun and interesting ways.

Come discover the joy of art in ways that are as fun as playing hide-and-seek with your friends, open up your mind and emotions to let the seeds of art grow, and allow you to experience the joy of creative and immersive play.

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme The Unique Alley of the Arts
Location 1F Art Play
Type Permanent Exhibit
  • Art Play Store

    Have top-spinning competitions with your friends while enjoying creative compositional play.

  • Dream Carriage

    Imagining what kind of artist you want to be, and choose the tools.

  • Wall Art Museum

    Use the lens to view the amazing artwork in the Unique Art Museum.

  • Fun Photo Studio

    Make photos that look better the more fun you have making them!

  • Unique Soup House

    Roll the round, multi-colored ingredients into the soup.

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development Expressing themselves through drawing,
    putting in, and pasting helps children develop fine motor skills.
    Discover and explore with your child at his or her eye level.
  • Cognitive Development This exhibition gives children a better
    understanding of the arts and encourages
    them to creatively express their thoughts and emotions.
  • Emotional Development This exhibition fosters social skills and
    promotes a positive sense of self,
    enhances the joy of participating in art-related activities, and improves each child’s sense of accomplishment and artistic sensitivities.

Mom and Dad!

Help your child understand art and express themselves freely.

  • 01

    Cultivate the “Seeds of Art” in Your Child. All children possess artistic talent.
    Observe your child’s actions and help them discover their innate interests and abilities.
  • 02

    Help Your Child Become the Creator or Subject of Artwork! Children are much more interested in art when they can experience it firsthand as the “main character.”
    Help your child establish a connection with the subject of an artwork to increase their enthusiasm.
  • 03

    Child-friendly Art that is Connected with Your Child’s Experiences! Talk with your child about a specific art-related experience,
    such as a visit to a local art exhibition, a concert, or the viewing of an animated film.
  • 04

    Respect and Encourage Individuality, Not Competition. Refrain from comparing your child with others in terms of drawing or other expression-based activities; instead, encourage your child to develop his/her own unique style.