Space Play Embark on an Unconventional Journey in Space Play!

In a world that is filled with both light
and shadows that change with your every movement,
take a walk along Fantasy Alley,
where your dreams and imagination become a reality.

The Space Play exhibit, designed to foster the artistic sensitivities and emotional development of children,
is combined with Art Play under the theme “The Unique Alley of the Arts.”
The unusual and exciting experiences offered through this exhibit enable children
to discover the true joy of art and become immersed in play,
using their creative sense of curiosity to break free of thought-restricting barriers.

While you explore art, yourself, and the world in unique ways, dream big, and express yourself creatively
by participating in amazing immersion experiences and activities that are as fun as playing hide-and-seek with your neighborhood friends.

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme The Unique Alley of the Arts
Location  1F Space Play
Type Permanent Exhibit
  • Alleyway Dance

    Play the “shadow game”, in which several shadows appear alongside you.
    Dance to the music and enjoy the movement!

  • Art in Every Corner

    Take off on an art exploration journey as you travel along the streets
    and alleys of the world!

  • Shadow Theater

    Enjoy playing with shadows. The figures can grow larger or smaller
    —whatever you choose!

  • Mural Alive

    Become a young artist and design a creative wall painting that shows off your personality.

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development Moving their entire bodies and dancing to music helps children develop gross motor skills.
    Discover and explore with your child at his or her eye level.
  • Cognitive Development This exhibition helps children explore their curiosity about light and shadows, themselves and the world as well as fosters creative thinking skills and encourages imagination.
  • Emotional Development This exhibition helps children develop the social skills needed to interact with their peers by providing a balance of free-spirited activities that release energy and hands-on experiences that require a calm focus.

Mom and Dad!

Help your child discover, understand and express in new ways what he/she has learned.

  • 01

    Put Yourself in Your Child’s Shoes. Things that may not be fascinating to adults are often the focus of children’s interest and curiosity. We encourage you to explore through the eyes of your child.
  • 02

    Enjoy Imagination Play. Help your child strengthen his or her imagination skills by asking hypothetical questions: What if there was a town where animals could talk? What if you were in a place with only darkness and light?
  • 03

    Help Your Child Explore and Try New Things Interactions based on genuine interest and physical demonstrations can greatly encourage your child to explore and take on new challenges with greater confidence.
  • 04

    The Importance of Both Individuality and Harmony Recognize and accept everyone for who they are and open up to others so that you can respect one another’s creative individuality and promote harmony amidst diversity.