Physical·Imagination Play An enjoyable imagination to create energy from your body, <Boom Boom! Fun Energy>

All the machines of modern life require energy to make them run.
Most of that energy comes from fossil fuels.
As humanity started to use fossil fuels, our life has become much convenient.
However, this led to people’s sedentary lifestyles.
The excessive use of energy also has caused severe environmental pollution.
It is time to create changes to save the Earth and ourselves!
Human power could be a practical solution that can simultaneously address
the world’s health and environmental problems.

<Boom Boom! Fun Energy> encourages children to realize how valuable energy is and consider human power
as a practical solution to environmental problems through physical and imaginative play.

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme Physical activity and green energy
Location 2F Physical·Imagination Play
Type Permanent Exhibition
  • Human Powered Car

    Experience an eco-friendly hybrid vehicle that runs on human-made energy!

  • Dance Energy Floor

    As you dance to the music, your dance movement is turned into electricity and makes the stage fancier.

  • Our Promise

    See what we can do to create the difference. Make your pledge today to keep your body and our planet healthy.

  • Step to Pump

    Step on the pedals to pump up water from deep underground and make your crops grow!

  • Poo Powered Bus

    Get on a bus that runs on biogas made from fermented human poo.

  • Human Power House

    Have fun in this unique house where everything operates with human-powered energy.

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development Activities that involve the entire body help your child develop the ability to control body movements and develop gross motor skills.
  • Cognitive Development Engaging with the science principles of human power and seeking the solutions to environmental problems enhance children’s creative thinking skills.
  • Emotional Development Exploring and trying new things helps children to develop self-confidence. Activities requiring cooperation promote social skills.

Mom and Dad!

Encourage your child to play safely and follow the rules. It is the values of the challenger spirit and cooperation that count.

  • 01

    Child First! Let your child choose which activity he/she wants to do.
  • 02

    Ask Questions! Encourage your child to explore the science principles represented by the exhibits and activities by asking your child questions. (E.g. Can human power be an alternative to the gasoline-powered engine? How can poo be turned into energy?)
  • 03

    Be Patient! Let your child take enough time to explore the exhibits.
  • 04

    Give Compliments! Respond positively to your child’s thoughts and experiences with the exhibits to strengthen his/her confidence and self-esteem.
  • 05

    Play together! Actively play along with your child rather than observing from afar to double the fun of your child’s museum experience!