5 Houses and 30 Doors - Imaginative Artist Ahn, Kyuchul Meet the new world through the doors.

Have you ever imagined that an ordinary door could be the entrance to a secret world?
5 Houses and 30 Doors is an exhibition of hands-on artwork
that embody Ahn, Kyuchul’s imaginative interpretation of the door
and allow visitors to experience them in fun ways.
After passing through the entrance,
decorated with a row of hanok (traditional Korean houses) doors,
visitors will encounter an unexpected space (“houses”) of varying sizes and characteristics each time they open a door.
The exhibition allows us to experience doors and indoor spaces that mean something quite different from the familiar everyday door.

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme Imaginative experience through door
Location 1F Special Exhibit
Type Special Exhibit
  • Doors of Time

    These doors, taken from hanok (traditional Korean houses), were opened and closed by many people over a long time.

  • Plant house

    This house is full of plants. There’s even a tree hanging from the sky! If you take a moment to observe the plants, you may see things you haven’t noticed before.

  • Mirror house

    All kinds of mirrors cover the inside of this house. See how your reflection changes according to where you look into them and how.

  • Crooked house

    We are surrounded by straight lines, right angles, and symmetrical shapes. What it would be like to live in a crooked house made of twisty lines?

  • Sky house

    Are you sure this is the door to enter the house? See the sky and the captured by Ahn, Kyuchul’s point of view.

  • Drawing : Artist’s door, My door

    Use your imagination to draw a door and the space behind it, just like the artist!

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development Drawing and fitting pieces together help develop fine motor skills. Activities that involve expression through the use of our bodies develop gross motor skills.
  • Cognitive Development Children make unique and independent observations by interacting with the artwork. The exhibition also strengthens creative thinking.
  • Emotional Development This exhibition stimulates children’s affinity for the arts through activities that combine play and art. Calming and immersive experiences also promote emotional development.

Mom and Dad!

Help your child understand their own thoughts, engage in multi-sensory experiences and enjoy creative expression.

  • 01

    Art is part of our lives Any object in our daily life could become artistic theme. Help your child engage in artistic activities with the materials that are fun and easy to use.
  • 02

    Practice expressing your thoughts Ahn, Kyuchul, the artist, enjoys writing down his thoughts and drawing pictures. Express your thoughts in various ways.

  • 03

    Feel free to imagine What if the world outside the house comes inside? What would happen if a door hang from the ceiling? Try to make conversation with your child from the questions they ask. Let your imagination run wild!
  • 04

    Respect your child’s choices and decisions Help your child have a fun, immersive experience with this exhibition, which seeks to be free of “correct answers” and open to all.