Sensitivity Development Play Enjoy a completely new experience of familiar sounds!

Sound World uses sounds experienced from diverse perspectives
to foster children’s abilities to understand and communicate with the world around them.
Encounter sound in a new way using everyday tools.
Experience sound, which cannot be seen or touched, through shapes and movements,
and create beautiful sounds with others through fun activities.
Experience the familiar sounds you hear in your everyday life
from diverse perspectives and through unusual interactive activities.
Sharpen your creative thinking skills!

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme Communicate with the world through the experience of sound.
Location B1F Sensitivity Development Play
Type Permanent Exhibit
  • Find My Voice

    Have you ever wondered what your voice sounds like?
    Find out by recording your voice and listening to it through various speakers.

  • The Ringing Shadow

    Find out whether each shadow matches the sound you think it should make.

  • Dancing Drawing

    The small elements of the picture move around depending on the speed of the music.
    Dance along the music and see how the shapes move.

  • Sound Gallery

    Watch as the sound vibrations from beautiful music are turned into dancing pictures.

  • Harmonic Sounds

    Put your hand on the notes and listen to the sounds.
    Make harmony with friends.

  • Exciting Sounds

    What do you hear when you tap together pipes of different lengths and widths?
    Make your own exciting sounds using your hands and different tools.

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development Encourages balanced physical development through activities that foster both fine motor skills and gross motor skills.
  • Cognitive Development Fosters observational skills through the listening to and exploring of diverse sounds. Develops critical thinking skills through the enhanced understanding of sound from different perspectives.
  • Emotional Development Increases ability to empathize with others by focusing on/understanding one’s own sounds, communicating with others through sound, and creating beautiful sounds by cooperating with others.

Mom and Dad!

Help your child focus on and explore the sounds they hear in their daily lives. Encourage your child to understand sound from various points of view and to express their thoughts about each sound.

  • 01

    Pay attention to everyday sounds! Explore and observe familiar, everyday sounds in a new way.
  • 02

    Express yourself through diverse sounds. Language is not the only way to express yourself.
    Express yourself by creating sounds using various types of tools and methods.
  • 03

    Value other peoples’ sounds. Help your child respect his or her own unique character
    and also be respectful and considerate of the sounds made by others.
  • 04

    Listen to the sounds of the world using your entire body. Sounds do not need to be experienced using only your ears.
    Help your child enjoy a full sensory experience of sound using both his or her mind and body.