Toddler Playground This is a playful and safe place that is designed for toddlers under 36 months.

The Toddler Playground is designed as a nest-like exhibition space where babies get ready
for the first flap into the world.
In the huge nest, babies can discover playful things hidden everywhere,
and enjoy physical activities such as climbing up and down stairs and playing on the slide.
Baby and caregiver can experience close boding time in the cozy nest by reading books quitely.
Enjoy various play activities and have an experience of growing together.

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme Toddler Playground
Location 2F Toddler Playground
Type Permanent Exhibit
  • Cozy Nest

    Be a little bird in a nest and read a book.

  • Ready, Steady, Toddle

    Babies can pull themselves up and practice walking step by step along the mirror by grabbing the rail.

  • Mirror Play

    Take a look at the mirrors in all shapes and sizes. See how your facial expression changes!

  • Sensory Room

    Experience a variety of sensory play, and explore various objects using different senses

  • Huge Nest

    Climb up and down the stairs and go down the slide! Discover playful things hidden everywhere.

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development The environment stimulates gross and fine motor skills by encouraging toddlers to take on challenges just beyond their current mastery.
  • Cognitive Development Various sensory activities engaging visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation support cognitive growth.
  • Emotional Development Activities promoting rich and positive interaction between the baby and the caregiver enhance social-emotional development.

Mom and Dad!

Engage in activities with your baby and encourage the child to accomplish more challenging tasks depending on their development stages.

  • 01

    Baby First! Let your child take the initiative to decide which activities he/she would like to participate in.
  • 02

    Be Patients! Give your toddler enough time to explore and observe objects and try new things.
  • 03

    Play Together! Actively interacting with your baby by seeing the world from his/her point of view promotes social-emotional development.
  • 04

    Keep Encouraging! Encouragement is the best motivator for babies to keep taking on new challenges. Baby can build self confidence and positive perception of the world through accomplishments.