Culture Play A special trip to being a kid camper: Let's Go Camping!

Have you ever slept outdoors in the mountains, in the fields, or by the sea?
What things do you need to stay and sleep in an outside area away from home?
What do you need to do there to spend a full day?
Use this camping experience to learn what things are necessary for us to live our lives!

<Let’s Go Camping!> is an exhibition that links three basic needs—food, clothing,
and shelter—of humans with camping so that visitors can better understand what we need to sustain everyday life.
Here will be a place for a readiness experiences for children and their family, as a base camp for getting out into the real-camping.

The exhibition offers activities for the planning and carrying out of a camping trip to help children develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. This experience of camping—eatting and sleeping outdoors being away from their homes—help children better appreciate their family and daily environment.

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme Basic needs & Camping
Location 3F Culture Play
Type Permanent Exhibit
  • Planning My Trip

    Make your own camping plan.

  • Camper’s Market

    Prepare the ingredients for your favorite camping dishes.

  • Packing up My Backpack

    Pack things you need the most for camping.

  • Sangsang Caravan

    Enjoy the scenery of the way to go camping.

  • Base Camp for All

    Step inside the huge tent and set up your own one!

  • Camp Cooking

    Make your own special camping dishes with fresh ingredients.

  • Campfire Gathering

    Enjoy the gathering time with the bonfire.

  • Dive into Nature

    Feel nature, home to wild animals and plants.

  • Underneath the Stars

    Enjoy the starry night sky.

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development This exhibition fosters balanced physical development through the exploration of a campground and its surrounding area, helping to strengthen gross and fine motor skills.
  • Cognitive Development This exhibition helps children develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills as they draw and implement their own camping plan.
  • Emotional Development Through the exhibitions’ camping experience, which requires the ability to act both independently and in cooperation with others, children learn how to respect others as much as themselves, the natural environment, and our planet.

Tips for parents when playing with their children

Help your child choose an activity—make sure they stay safe as they play!
Enjoy the camping together that was planned entirely by the kid camper.

  • 01

    Child First! Respect your child’s decisions and way of thinking.
    Allow your children to think about their choices and let them lead their own camping trip.
  • 02

    Ask Questions! Encourage your child’s imagination by asking thought-provoking questions (e.g. What would happen if you went camping but realized you didn’t have _______?).
  • 03

    Wait for your child! Give your child plenty of time to explore and enjoy the camping experience.
  • 04

    Give compliments! Praise your child’s efforts to engage in the exhibition’s camping activities. This will boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • 05

    Be your child’s partner and friend! Actively joining in your child’s play rather than observing from afar will double the fun of their museum experience!
    Join your child in roleplaying, such as cooking and grilling skewers over the campfire.