Wild Immersion Endorsed by Jane Goodall The first immersive exhibition on wildlife reserves

Seoul Children’s Museum proudly presents the VR Wild Immersion experience for the first time
ever in Korea! In this exhibition, Dr. Jane Goodall, a British scientist and conservationist,
helps participants become one with nature,
taking them on an immersive 360-degree VR trip to wildlife reserves in over 40 countries.

Through this immersive experience, you will be surrounded by wild animals
as they freely roam around the natural environments in which they live—just like Dr. Goodall,
who researched wild chimpanzees living in the forest of Gombe in Africa.
As you observe the endangered animals living in the wild, consider the ways
that you can help protect the animals and their environments!

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme Thinking Playground
Location 2F Thinking Playground
Type Special Exhibit
  • Being a Wildlife Observer

    Observe wild animals living in nature without jeopardizing their right to live freely.

  • VR Wild Immersion Experience

    Immerse yourself in a virtual wildlife reserve through this unique experience endorsed by Jane Goodall. What is life like for these wild animals in their natural habitats?

  • Wonders of The Animal Kingdom / Underwater

    Learn more about the other creatures that we are living with together on the earth. What species are endangered, threatened, or otherwise vulnerable? What happened to these species?

  • Books for Expanding Your Mind

    Use the books provided to gather more information about the wildlife and consider what you can do for them as a fellow member of the earth.