• Vision To foster the dreams and imagination
    of all children
  • Mission To provide creative exhibits and programs
    to support the balanced development of children and families
    and contribute to creating a happier society for all

Main Objectives

  • Creativity and Imagination To provide exhibits and education programs aimed at fostering creativity and imagination in children and tailored to developmental stages.
  • Communication and Participation To offer a space open to all people – children and adults alike – which welcomes their active participation and provides a communication channel between people.
  • Consideration and Respect To establish the museum as a trusted institution that teaches children the importance of respecting and acknowledging differences in people and showing empathy, which in turn create a happier, more balanced society.
  • Change and Innovation To constantly pursue future-oriented challenges and innovations for social development, thereby spearheading positive changes that will influence the operations of other children’s museums as well as educational, childcare, cultural and art institutions.
  • Integration and Growth To promote compositional and integrated education through play and experiential activities, helping children to grow into global-minded and self-motivated citizens.