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You must agree to the terms below to sign up for the Seoul Children's Museum membership.

  • Article 1 (Purpose)
    These terms and conditions aim to define the membership conditions and usage of the services provided by the Seoul Children's Museum (hereafter referred to as "the Institution") via its website (hereafter referred to as "the Site") or any future websites developed, as well as other necessary matters.

    Article 2 (Definitions)
    1. "The Site" refers to the website constructed using a computer and other information communication facilities to provide Internet (related) services to users by the Institution.
    2. "Users" refers to both members and non-members who access "the Site" and receive services provided by "the Site" by these terms and conditions.
    3. "Internet Members" are individuals who have provided personal information to "the Site" for registration and continuously receive information from "the Site," as well as continually use the services offered by "the Site."
    4. "Non-members" are those who use the services provided by "the Site" without registering as Internet Members.
    5. The definitions of terms not specified here shall follow relevant laws and regulations or as determined by the Institution.

    Article 3 (Specification and Amendment of the Terms)
    1. "The Institution" may amend these terms within the boundaries not violating relevant laws such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, Basic Electronic Transaction Act, Electronic Signature Act, and Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
    2. When amending the terms, "the Institution" will announce the effective date and reasons for the amendments on the site's initial screen, along with the current terms, from 10 days before the effective date until the day before the effective date.
    3. If "the Institution" amends the terms, the amended terms will apply only to contracts concluded after the effective date, and the previous terms will continue to apply to contracts already concluded. However, if an already contracted user agrees to the amended terms of "the Site" within the announcement period wishing to use the amended terms and receives consent from "the Institution," the amended terms will apply.
    4. Matters not specified in these terms and the interpretation of these terms shall be governed by relevant laws and customary practices.
    5. These terms become effective when the user agrees, and any amended terms become effective the day after the announcement period ends.

    Article 4 (Service Contents)
    1. Services provided by "the Site" include:
    a. Email transmission services
    b. Other services that "the Institution" defines, develops, or provides through partnerships with other organizations
    c. Various free/paid programs and subscription applications via the Internet
    d. Payment services through online booking and registration
    2. "The Institution" may add or change the contents of the service if necessary. The Institution will notify Internet Members of the additions or changes in such cases.

    Article 5 (Use and Restriction of Services)
    1. The use of services is, in principle, available 24 hours a day, year-round, unless there are particular disruptions due to business or technical issues of "the Institution." However, services may be temporarily suspended due to maintenance, inspection, replacement, or failure of information communication equipment or disruption of communication.
    2. In the event of service interruption, "the Institution" will notify users in advance via the corresponding website. However, if prior notification is not possible due to unavoidable reasons beyond the control of "the Institution" (e.g., disk failure without the intent or fault of the system manager, system down), such notification may not be made.

    Article 6 (Service Fees)
    1. If "the Institution" decides to charge for the services, it must publicize the timing, policy, and cost of such charges on the Site before implementing them.

    Article 7 (Internet Membership Registration)
    1. Users apply for Internet membership by entering their personal information according to the prescribed registration form on "the Site" and indicating their agreement to these terms and conditions.
    2. For children under 14 years old to register as members and use the Seoul Children's Museum and its family sites properly, prior consent from a legal guardian is required following the format set by the Institution.
    3. Normal use of the Seoul Children's Museum and family sites is only possible with the consent of a legal guardian. If such permission is not provided within the period set by the Institution, the Institution may delete the issued username without warning.
    4. "The Institution" will accept the registration of Internet members unless the applicant:
    Is determined to pose a significant technical obstacle to "the Site,"
    Has previously lost Internet membership for reasons stated in Article 9, and one year has not passed since the loss (exceptions are made with the Institution's consent).
    4. Users wishing to re-register, not under Article 9, will be accepted if they can provide their name, username, date of birth, mobile phone number, and email to verify their identity.
    5. Establishing the Internet membership contract is when the user receives the membership notification message immediately following Internet member registration.
    6. Internet members must immediately notify "the Institution" of any changes to their registration details via email or other methods.

    Article 8 (Internet Membership Withdrawal)
    1. Internet members may withdraw anytime by providing their name, date of birth, mobile phone number, and email address on "the Site."
    2. Withdrawal can be confirmed when the existing username and password no longer permit login.

    Article 9 (Loss of Internet Membership Qualifications)
    1. "The Institution" may limit, suspend, or revoke the Internet membership if the member or user
    a. Registers false information at the time of application.
    b. Interferes with others' use of "the Site" or threatens the operational order by misappropriating information.
    c. Engages in activities prohibited by laws and these terms or against public order and morals using "the Site".
    d. Repeats the same conduct or fails to rectify the issue within a specified period after "the Institution" demands correction.
    e. Misappropriates someone else's username and password.
    f. Distributes computer virus programs on "the Site".
    g. Infringes upon the intellectual property rights of "the Site," members, or third parties and refuses to rectify the infringement.
    h. Damages the reputation of "the Site," members, or third parties, or interferes with their operations.
    2. When "the Institution" revokes Internet membership, registration will be canceled. In this case, the Institution will notify the member and provide an opportunity to present a defense before the cancellation of the registration.

    Article 10 (Notifications to Internet Members)
    1. When notifying Internet members, "the Institution" primarily uses the member's email.
    2. For notifications to an unspecified number of Internet members, "the Institution" may replace individual notifications with postings on "the Site" for a certain period.

    Article 11 (Formation of Service Use Contract)
    1. The use contract is established by recognizing agreement to the terms when the user clicks the "Agree" button in response to "I agree to the Internet Membership Terms and apply for Internet membership" on the Internet membership registration page and by the acceptance of use by "the Institution's" website.
    2. "The Institution's" acceptance is indicated by the membership notification message sent immediately after the user's Internet membership application.

    Article 12 (Obligations of the Institution)
    1. The Institution will enable Internet members to use the service without particular circumstances.
    2. The Institution must provide services continuously and stably as stipulated in these terms.
    3. The Institution must properly process opinions submitted by Internet members through a prescribed procedure and notify the member of the reasons and schedule if processing takes a specific period.
    4. The Institution must establish a security system to protect users' personal information (including credit information) to ensure safe use of "the Site."
    5. The Institution will not send advertising emails for profit-making purposes to users who do not wish to receive them. However, this does not apply if the user consents to receive them.
    6. The Institution may send emails of a public interest nature to promote the Institution and request sponsorship. However, these will not be sent if the user does not wish to receive them.

    Article 13 (Protection of Personal Information)
    1. "The Institution" collects the minimum necessary information required to provide services during personal information collection.
    The following items are mandatory, while others are optional.
    a. Full Name
    b. Date of Birth
    c. Mobile Phone Number
    d. Desired ID/Password
    e. Email Address
    2. "The Institution" must obtain the user's consent when collecting personal information. The provided personal information shall not be used for purposes other than those agreed upon or provided to third parties without the user's consent. (However, it can be provided within the scope of the purpose to companies affiliated with the Institution for service operations.) If a user suffers damage related to information usage, "the Institution" is responsible for compensation according to related laws and regulations.
    3. When "the Institution" requires the user's consent, it complies with the provisions of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., by disclosing the identity of the personal information manager (affiliation, name, phone number, and other contact information), the purpose of collection and use of information, and matters related to the provision of information to third parties (recipient, purpose of provision, and contents of the information provided).
    4. Users may request access and correction of their personal information held by "the Site" at any time, and "the Institution" is obliged to take immediate action. If a user requests an error correction, "the Institution" will not use the personal information until the error is corrected.
    5. "The Institution" designates and operates a manager for personal information protection and is not responsible for any damage caused to users due to the loss, theft, leakage, falsification, etc., of personal information due to reasons not attributable to the Institution.
    6. "The Institution" or any third party that has received personal information from "the Institution" must destroy the personal information immediately once the purpose of collection and provision has been achieved.

    Article 14 (Obligations of Internet Members)
    1. Internet members must comply with the matters stipulated in these terms, other regulations set by "the Institution," announcements made by "the Institution," and related laws, and must not engage in any acts that interfere with the Institution's operations or damage its reputation.
    2. All responsibilities related to managing an Internet member's username and password lie with the member.
    3. If an Internet member's username is misused, the member must notify "the Institution" immediately.
    4. Internet members may not engage in any business activities using the service without prior permission from "the Institution."
    5. Information that can identify an individual (user's name, username, email address, etc.) posted on boards and repositories can be voluntarily disclosed independently of "the Institution's" will. Thus, due to voluntary disclosure, Internet members are responsible for resolving any disputes arising with other users or third parties, regardless of the service's purpose.

    Article 15 (Management of Posts)
    "The Institution" may delete or refuse to register content posted by users without prior notice if it.
    1. Contains personal attacks on others, uses vulgar expressions, etc.
    2. Exceeds the posting period specified by "the Site"
    3. Contains or links to obscene materials or websites
    4. Infringes on the copyright of others, including "the Site"
    5. Harms public customs or violates related laws
    6. Is for profit-making purposes or involves monetary transactions or related links

    Article 16 (Ownership of Copyright and Usage Restrictions)
    1. The rights to posts created by "the Institution" are owned by "the Institution." Users may not reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or otherwise use the information obtained through "the Site" for profit-making purposes or allow third parties to use it without the prior consent of "the Institution."
    2. The rights and responsibilities for posts (texts, videos, sounds, etc., uploaded by users on "the Site") lie with the posting user. "The Institution" will not use the posts for commercial purposes without the poster's consent.

    Article 17 (Dispute Resolution)
    1. "The Institution" actively reflects legitimate opinions or complaints from users and strives to minimize harm.
    2. Relevant laws and customs shall resolve disputes related to the use of services.

    Article 18 (Exemption Clause)
    1. "The Institution" is exempt from responsibility for service interruption, loss, or damage of user data due to natural disasters or other force majeure events.
    2. "The Institution" does not bear responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy, etc., of information posted by users.
    3. "The Institution" is exempt from responsibility for damages related to service usage caused by reasons not attributable to the Institution, such as the user's intent or negligence.
    4. "The Institution" is not responsible for any loss of expected profits incurred by members using the service and is exempt from liability for any damages arising from materials obtained through the service.
    5. "The Institution" does not intervene in disputes between users or third parties related to the service and bears no liability for any damages resulting from such disputes.

    Terms of Use Agreement*

  • Personal Information Collected
    - Required items: Name, Date of Birth, Login Username, Password, Mobile Phone Number, Email, Legal Guardian Information
    - Automatically collected items: Access Logs, Cookies, IP Information, Payment Records

    Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information
    - Membership management: To confirm identity per member services, identify individuals, verify the consent of the legal guardian when collecting personal information from children under 14, handle complaints and other civil petitions, deliver notices
    - Fulfillment of contracts related to service provision and fee settlement: To provide content, purchase and payment processing, delivery of goods or invoicing
    - Marketing and advertising utilization: To send advertising information such as events

    Retention and Use Period of Personal Information
    As a principle, personal information is destroyed immediately once the purpose of its collection and use has been achieved. However, the following information will be retained for the period specified below for the following reasons:
    - Retained items: Login Username
    - Retention basis: Policy against reusing usernames
    - Retention period: Duration of service provision
    Supplementary Provision
    This agreement is effective from January 2, 2013.

    Consent to the Collection and Use of Credit Information*

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