Nature Play Let’s dream of a world where animals and people can live together happily

The "Together in Harmony with Animals" exhibition is designed to provide
children with a better understanding of animals and to
develop a desire to live peacefully alongside animals.
With the relationship between animals and people as its theme, this
exhibition allows children to learn about animals from diverse
perspectives, enhance their thinking skills, and explore their curiosity.
By observing and understanding animals,
we can learn to think of animals as our friends.
By respecting and caring about animals as our friends,
we can create a better and happier world.

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme Understanding animals and their relationship with humans
Location 1F Nature Play
Type Permanent Exhibit
  • Seoul with animals

    Work together to make Seoul a better place for animals to live.

  • Animal communication

    Learn the many ways (body movements, sound, light, and color) that animals express themselves.

  • The special sea animals

    Try on sea animal costumes, and become a member of the ocean community!

  • Animal feeling

    Don’t try to pet or touch an animal just because you want to. Learn to become friends with dogs and cats by learning about their feelings.

  • Animal stories

    Learn about animals through stories, pictures, and sayings.

  • Would you be my friend?

    Do you think animals want to be friends with us? Just wait and see!

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development Fitting puzzle pieces together promotes the balanced
    development of fine motor skills,
    while physical activity (of the entire body)
    promotes the development of gross motor skills.
  • Cognitive Development This exhibition allows children
    to strengthen their thinking skills
    by exploring animals and encourages children
    to think about things from different perspectives.
  • Emotional Development By understanding the relationship
    between humans and animals,
    children can learn to understand others
    and develop greater empathy.

Mom and Dad!

Help your child learn to respect
and truly care about animals.

  • 01

    Learn to respect and care about animals. Animals are life forms—just like us.
    Let’s think about how we can treat them with respect and live peacefully together.
  • 02

    Animals that are friends with children Encourage your child to form emotional bonds with animals
    and achieve greater emotional stability by interacting with them.
  • 03

    Protectors of animals Discuss with your child ways that they can
    protect animals in their everyday lives.
  • 04

    Encourage your child to learn more If child shows interest in or are curious about something
    They can improve their critical thinking skills.